Who is Eligible?


Eligibility for NARPI membership is limited to the following:

  1. Retired Postal Inspectors, retired persons who served as Postal Inspectors and left the position under honorable conditions, and those persons now retired who served at least five years as forensic and technical support personnel, or who retired directly from any such position honorably;
  2. Spouses/Domestic Partners of persons who meet the criteria outlined in #1 above (whether living or deceased);
  3. Postal Inspection Service domicile, division, regional or national headquarters employees, or Postal Police Officer, who either retired from any Inspection Service administrative/staff position or served in one or more Inspection Service administrative/staff positions for at least five (5) years, and left the Inspection Service and, if applicable, the U. S. Postal Service under honorable circumstances; and
  4. Spouses/Domestic Partners of members admitted under the criteria outlined in #3 above.

Persons who meet the criteria outlined in # 3 or # 4 above shall, upon proper application and payment of dues, be accepted as Associate members.  They are full voting members who may attend all meetings and are eligible to hold any chapter or regional office except Regional President and Regional Vice President.  Surviving spouses/Domestic Partners of deceased Associate members may retain their Associate membership by payment of required annual dues.

Spouses/Domestic Partners of members who met the criteria outlined in #1 above shall also be members with full voting rights.  Spouses/Domestic Partners of deceased members as defined in #1 shall retain their membership by payment of dues as set by the Executive Committee.


Membership in one of our local chapters is strongly encouraged.  The only prerequisite for chapter membership is that the applicant be a NARPI member who is current with their national dues.  Anyone who, having become a NARPI member, fails to renew their national membership automatically becomes ineligible to retain their membership at the chapter level.