You can find the proposed Revised Constitution (with all highlighted changes) in two places on the NARPI Website. You can review both the PROPOSED Constitution and the current one, without logging in, by looking under the ABOUT US tab from the HOME PAGE. Logged in members will also find the Proposed Constitution document under the WHAT’S NEW dropdown list within the MEMBERS ONLY tab.

Also, in the just released NARPI Newsletter (October 2021), you will find an explanation of the substantive proposed changes to the Revised document. Please peruse these documents, and do not hesitate to contact any Executive Committee or Constitution Committee member if you have any questions.

If you have any changes you wish to formally introduce, please put your proposed change in writing, in the form of an Amendment, with an explanation and send it to the constitution Chair, Steven Caver –  A member of the Executive or Constitution committee will be in contact with you to discuss the proposed amendment further.

The timeframe for review, introduction of any amendments, and discussion will be from October 20 – November 20, 2021.  By the middle of December, we will initiate the formal voting process