Updated 5-12-2018

Atlantic Region Officers
Jack Ellis, President
JD Stevens, Vice President
John Cunning, Secretary
John Swanson, Treasurer
Atlantic Region Chapters
John Fuccillo, President
Kathy McDonough, Secretary
CAPITAL CHAPTER - quarterly luncheons
Robert E. “Bob” Terry, President
Vanessa Pinto, Vice President
John Swanson, Secretary/Treasurer
Jim Faith, Interim Coordinator (seeking interested members for new chapter)
GEORGIA CHAPTER  -  quarterly luncheons
Sharon Williams, President
Cornell Cypress, Vice President
Fran Cunning, Secretary
John Cunning, Treasurer
GOLD COAST CHAPTER  -  meets on 2nd Sat. of March, May, Oct. and Dec.
Jay Siegel, President
Jeff Bush, Vice President
Marquita Ward, Secretary
Jim Belz, Treasurer
NY METRO TRI-STATE CHAPTER (Frequency of meetings not yet fixed)
Robert Mignogna, President
Stephen Korinko, Vice President
Ralph Nardo, Secretary
    Edwin Cuebas, Treasurer
John Rooney - President
Vacant - Vice President
Charlie Mendell - Reporter
SUN COAST CHAPTER  -  quarterly luncheons
 Currently not Active
Mid-America Region Officers
Corne Huelsebusch, President        
Steven Caver, Vice President         
Tom Kellen, Sec'y/Treas.
Mid-America Region Chapters
CHOO-CHOO CHAPTER  -  quarterly meetings
Steve Cheuvront, President
Mike Philbrick, Secretary
HEART OF AMERICA CHAPTER  - meets on the third Friday of the even numbered months
Neca Mills, President
Deborah Britain, Vice President
Richard Britain, Secretary
Joan Long, Treasurer
MEMPHIS CHAPTER bi-monthly luncheons
    John Stinchfield, President
Bill Goden, Vice President
Robin Dalgleish, Secretary/Treasurer
NORTHCOAST CHAPTER  -  Cleveland, OH area
Bill Bengele, President
Rick Ruhland , Secretary.
NORTHERN LIGHTS CHAPTER - quarterly meetings
Chuck Calhoun, President
Lorrin Gullberg, Secretary/Treasurer
PROCRASTINATION CHAPTER - Mich. meets when it can't be put off any longer
Robert Lane, President
Jaqueline Poindexter, Vice President
Doug Mills, Secretary
ST. LOUIS GATEWAY CHAPTER - bi-monthly meetings
Corne Huelsebusch, President
Ray Bonney, Secretary
Joe Sinibaldi, Treasurer
SAM HOUSTON CHAPTER - meetings are quarterly  
Dick Carlson, President
Rich LaBoda, Vice President
William Gillespie, Secretary
Harry Breda, Treasurer
SOIKY CHAPTER - Cincinnati, Southern OH, IN & KY - ad hoc mtgs.  
Larry Lockwood, President
Vacant, Vice President
TEXAS CHAPTER  - meetings 2nd Wednesday in January, April, July & October  
Steven Caver, President
Jim Mathine, Vice President
Rick Price, Secretary
Al Holmes, Treasurer
WINDY CITY CHAPTER - meets several times a year  
Jeff Sack, President
John Ruberti, Vice President
Michael Schwartz, Secretary
Howard Matthews, Treasurer
WURST CHAPTER - Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin - quarterly meetings  
Virgil Guralski, President
Robert Baumann, Vice President
Joe Hoffman, Secretary/Treasurer
Western Region Officers
Ray Tangney, President
Ron Miller, Vice President
Steve Schneringer, Secretary
Doug Nunes, Treasurer
Western Region Chapters  
CACTUS CHAPTER - luncheon mtgs. 3rd Fri. of even mos  
Mike Casadei, President
Vacant, Vice President
John Zembledge, Secretary/Treasurer
COLORADO CHAPTER - bi-monthly mtgs.  
Pat Carr, President
Joan Leathery, Secretary/Treasurer
LO-CAL CHAPTER  - even numbered months luncheon mtgs. on 2nd Wednesday.  
Cory Dudley, President
Bill Davis, Vice President
Tom Buggie, Secretary/Treasurer
NORCAL CHAPTER - meetings on 1st Thurs. of even #mos.  
Paul Wilhelmus, President and Secretary
Vacant, Vice President
Bob Dower, Treasurer
Bill Kienzle, Secretary
NORWEST CHAPTER - monthly luncheons on 3rd Wed.  
Steve Schneringer, President
Jim Foster, Vice President